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What Is Bioenergetics And How Can I Benefit?

"Conventional Medicine, at it's foundation focuses on the biochemistry of cells, tissue, and organs. Energy Medicine, at it's foundation, focuses on the energy fields of the body that organize and control the growth and repair of cells, tissue, and organs. Changing impaired energy patterns may be the most efficient, least invasive way to improve the vitality of organs, cells, and psyche" - David Feinstein, Ph.D.

Bioenergetics is the study of the movement of energy in the body. This movement of energy forms an entire system of vital communication in our bodies. This system of communication governs all areas in our biology and chemistry. 

Scientific research has found that for every structure in the body, there is an energy field and the biology and chemistry can't exist without these energy fields and vice versa. Our energy system, or 'body field', works at the subatomic level. Subatomic particles are extremely small pieces of matter that are smaller than an atom or found inside an atom. Subatomic particles operate in the world of quantum physics. Quantum Physics is an area of science that governs the nature and behavior of these extremely small particles. What's important to understand is that our body field is comprised of natural energy and information patterns innate to all human and animal bodies!

Bioenergetic Wellness modalities assist and support the optimum energy level and coherence of these energy patterns that make up our body field. When given corrective energy, the body's biology and chemistry innately responds.   This innate energy system, or body field, is highly efficient and intelligent and has an exact and preferred sequence of healing.

Global Transformation Pathways is here to help you discover the benefits of bioenergetic products and services as you journey towards living healthier and happier lives! 

Thanks so much for visiting and I look very forward to serving you along with my fellow colleagues. 

In health and happiness,


What is RedHealth?

The latest revolution in bioenergetic technology is RedHealth, a new quantum information science wearable device line introduced in January 2018. RedHealth Wear are resonant energy devices designed for supporting many areas of wellbeing support automatically, 24/7. In short, these devices offer an ultra-sophisticated approach to wellbeing in a supremely compact, easy to use and discrete package. The highly tactile, rechargeable battery powered devices can be worn as a pendant, key ring, in a pocket, or on the writs (SPORT model). For animals they can be worn on a collar, equine neck collar, halter, saddle or saddle pad. They are designed to enhance general, physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of both people and animals. They embrace the latest scientific research and technology in quantum physics and PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields).  

These non-invasive, electronic devices have been specifically developed for personal use and offer the capacity to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance general wellbeing, support the toxic effects and fatigue from EMF (electromagnetic fields) and environmental toxins and travel. They feature user-selectable programs designed to boost the body's natural abilities in calming emotions, improving sleep quality, easing pain and discomfort, revitalizing energy levels and more. Additionally, the most comprehensive and flagship device, c.Balance/c.Balance BT, features automatic circadian rhythm (24/7 Chinese meridians-body/clock) support and a personalization function that calibrates the device to the user.   

What is a bioenergetic scan?

By purchasing a body field hand scanner and free application software from Global Transformation Pathways, you can run a remote scan that is automatically uploaded to Debbie Hart, a master NES practitioner, or a scan can be run locally at our office. 

This scan reflects the highest energetic priorities for your wellbeing and offers recommendations for immediate support using a PEMF device and bioenergetic remedies customized for each individual. 

Book a scan now with Debbie Hart and start your journey in restoring your energy and transforming your life!


Excellent communicator, dedicated to her craft, efficient and effective at training and education ….overall great teacher    Nick Baboulas, ND

I have been in the field of energy medicine for over 38 years and have been mentored and taught by some of the best in this industry. Debbie brings into this exciting field a practical and experts grasp of skill as well as a deeper understanding of the principles behind the technology. The combination sets Debbie apart from others as a master teacher/coach/practitioner. I met Debbie when taking my 4 day training learning the NES Total Wellness system, which I believe is the most advanced Quantum healing system we presently have in this evolving industry. Debbie integrates the technical science and skills in her teaching along with the science of the Sacred and delivers both through her mastery. If you have an opportunity to be coached by Debbie, don't hesitate to take it.

Dr. Lenny Izzo

I've developed moderate to extreme neuropathy during the type of chemotherapy I was given in my fight with cancer. I have completed thirteen sessions with Debbie. She has used the SCENAR device on me, which has worked wonders. Before I used to take medication three times a day and the discomfort was still there. The pills made me feel very spacey and it was hard to concentrate. Now I am off the medication and the discomfort is 70% better! Debbie has been great and her knowledge of the human body and the SCENAR device quickly gained my confidence. I highly recommend anyone that has issues with damaged nerves to come in and have a consultation with Debbie and see if it is right for them.

Sincerely, Gary Riches

Debbie is a truly gifted therapist who has a great awareness of the body and really understands how to promote healing within it. She has treated me consistently over the last two years and I highly recommend her services and encourage anyone who is experiencing pain to contact Debbie. Her scenar therapy is by far the most therapeutic experience I have ever had, and it is the only treatment that has actually stopped my chronic hip pain. I appreciate her professionalism, and her dedication to her clients is exemplary. I am extremely confident that after the first session, you will be completely satisfied and know that you have found the right therapist.

Pam Yares, owner Effective Hiring Group

Hi Debbie!

I just wanted to thank you for our recent coaching sessions. They have taken my comprehension of healing with NES and the MiHealth to levels I could not have reached with the practitioner training alone.

Your deep knowledge of NES, and the clarity in which you teach it, has been an invaluable supplement that I feel all NES students and practitioners need to experience in order to best serve their clients.

I look forward to my ongoing education with you!

Josie Geiger, NES Health Practitioner 


I have been seeing Debbie for treatments for over a year. My back and leg pain has significantly declined. I now go weeks to months without pain. I know that her treatments, especially the cranial sacral therapy, are a major reason for my recovery.

John Craig

I have had a chronic neuromuscular condition for the last twenty years. Over these years I have worked with many therapists, and I can say without hesitation that of all of them, Debbie’s bodywork has had the greatest positive impact on my physical and emotional well-being. Utilizing the scenar, therapeutic massage, cranial sacral work and energy work Debbie seems to understand intuitively when to use each modality to greatest effect. I leave each session with her feeling a deep sense of peace and healing. In addition, she has a strong yoga background and is able to recommend poses and stretches tailored to my physical challenges. I have found these recommendations very helpful. I highly recommend Debbie for anyone who would like assistance in their search for health.

Jane Alexander

Opting into the “Getting Started Program” was one of the best decisions I have made in order to explore NES and it’s healing potential. Going through all of Peter Fraser’s material felt initially overwhelming to learn and attempt to successfully integrate for my clients. I had networked with half a dozen or so NES practitioners at the time and had yet to come across anyone on Debbie’s level of expertise, wisdom, knowledge and ability to communicate effectively and efficiently. Debbie went above and beyond in terms of what was required from her. She spent more time than the time allotted in our coaching sessions to make sure I was comfortable moving forward and serving my clients. My productivity with NES doubled only after one session with her and continued to expand following. To define her as a “coach” does not do her justice. She is a mentor, friend and someone who cares deeply for the healing of others and the success of the company she represents. I was immediately able to discern her intentions which were to the commitment of excellence of her work. Debbie has the bar raised high in performance and skill and by doing so, she creates a space for her trainees to fill and rise to the occasion so that they may also operate on their most authentic and optimal level which confers tremendous healing potential for the whole of the universe as this passion is contagious! Thank you for the opportunity to work together! A true leader in the field of education!

Katerina Baboulas, Founder Healing Together

I would not have become a certified NES practitioner without Debbie Hart’s help. She was the one person who was there for me throughout every step of my 6-month journey to becoming certified. She motivated & encouraged me to continue this path, despite my wish to quit at times. She never criticized me despite my multiple questions, & never made me feel that I was a bother to her. If she did not have a complete answer to my many questions, she would ask someone else like Dr. Rainer to answer my question(s). When I emailed questions to NES, Debbie would always be the first (& many times, only) person to answer, & she answered in a timely fashion. Whenever a client of mine is interested in becoming a practitioner, I would trust Debbie to take care of him or her & to heartily promote NES. Debbie also helped me with my personal health problems, suggesting different ways of using the miHealth or Infoceuticals, & also recommending other means of healing besides NES. Even after certification, Debbie is continuing to offer her coaching services. If you are a NES student practitioner, or even a certified practitioner who would like answers to more questions, I would recommend Debbie Hart as your coach.

Bonnie Chan, NES Health Practitioner

I was diagnosed as having Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) in October 2006. This is a disorder that is something like Parkinson’s disease, except worse. There is no cure at this time and no medications for relief.
My husband and I have been trying to make the best of this that we can. We started doing SCENAR, Manual Therapy and Cranio-Sacral Therapy to see if this would help in any way. We feel that the treatments have helped by slowing the progression of the disorder and giving us both some mental hope and comfort.
Debbie has been doing treatments on me and I feel much better after them, most of the time. The use of the SCENAR machine has relieved some of the pain in my lip area due to a neuralgic condition that is quite painful. It also has helped my problem of swallowing as this is one of the side effects of this disorder.
We recommend Debbie to anyone that has problems of this nature. She is very good and works well with her clients.

Paddy Lee Merritt, LPN