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Welcome to Global Transformation Pathways

About Debbie Hart and GTP

Thank you for visiting Global Transformation Pathways. My mission is to bring pathways for healing and transformation to people and animals around the world. These pathways include modalities, products, services, education and community in bioenergetics.

I have worked professionally in the holistic health field since 2004. Previously I worked in the education and IT fields, with a BS in Education and near completion of a BS in AIS (Computer and Information Science) from the University of West Florida. I wanted to pursue my personal passions for nutrition, holistic healing and energy medicine and combine them with my talents in education and technology.

My training and experience in holistic healing and bioenergetics includes a 1200 hour, CMT-P, professional manual therapist certification from the Blue Heron School of Healing Arts in Grand Rapids, MI, SCENAR training through Advanced - Level II, by Dr. Elena Rassomakina of Russia, becoming a Level I SCENAR trainer, Foundation Level Cranio-Sacral Therapy training through the Sacred Spaces program run by the Neuro Vascular Institute in 2005, NES Health bioenergetics training in 2011, well as completing a 6 month Kundalini Yoga teacher training in 2015.

After working as a manual, cranial sacral and SCENAR therapist from 2006-2011, I added NES to my practice and then become a part of the NES training, clinical coaching and support team in the Fall of 2013. I was able to integrate all my knowledge and experience in bioenergetics and healing modalities with education and bring my passions to full fruition in my work on the development and implementation of the NES Health Foundation Certification Training program both online and classroom and serving as a bioenergetics clinical coach to NES practitioners from 2013 through 2017.

Bioenergetic healing modalities, to include the latest research and science in bioenergetic medicine, nutrition, and yoga provide energy and information to the body. This energy and information activates the innate healing potentials latent in all of us and our animals. Our physical body is governed by our energetic system, a quantum system made of of energy and information. When we provide the body the energy and information it needs healing naturally begins. I have witnessed so many beautiful wellness and wellbeing transformations and look forward to providing support for many more in the years to come.

Global Transformation Pathways supports full immersion into the science and technologies of bioenergetics and seeks to provide optimum learning through experience and relaxed opportunities for connection and community. I look very forward to collaborating with other leaders in bioenergetics and sustaining continued education and deepening and expanding community connections and transformation globally.

I welcome and encourage you to browse through our events, products and services and connect with GTP’s mission. I’m here to meet you wherever you are in your journey to health and wellness and I look forward to supporting you. Feel free to book a free 15 min consult or one of our other bioenergetic services, or simply browse our products for immediate access to powerful bioenergetic products and wellness resources.

Yours in health and happiness,


Debbie Hart, Certified Manual Therapist - Professional Level CMT-P, SCENAR Level II Therapist and Level I Trainer, Cranio Sacral Therapist, NES Practitioner and Bioenergetic Consultant, Kundalini Yoga Instructor