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05 EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) – Reduce the stress and fatigue from EMF pollution!


Destress and Self Bless! Energize, restore, and tap into your wellness and wellbeing potentials with the line of 17 NES Feel Good Infoceuticals. Scroll down for more information on EMF. For more NES Feel Good Infoceuticals product information click here.


This NES ‘Feel Good’ Infoceutical helps correct energetic imbalances from radiation exposure (computers, cell phones, WiFi, etc.) that can contribute to poor concentration, headaches, palpitations, blood pressure variation, or immunity depletion. Helps improve your ability to deflect electromagnetic fields. May be used topically on the hands, back of neck, or other areas of radiation exposure.

Dispense 9, 15, or 28 drops as desired, into a glass of water or other beverage, and drink. May be taken with foods, nutritional supplements, medications, or while using other health programs or products. For acute challenges or needs may be taken up to 3 times per day.


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