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Bioenergetic Health Practitioner – Master Class Series with Debbie Hart

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This interactive, online BIOENERGETIC Master Coaching Series was a huge success! Transform your practice with live video coverage of this coaching series with Master NES Practitioner and Coach, Debbie Hart. Get hands-on insights, practical tools and powerful clarity in taking your practice to the next level! See what NES Practitioners are saying.  READ TESTIMONIALS >


Digital Master Class: 

Practical Solutions for Building Confidence in your BIOENERGETIC HEALTH Practice

Dear Friends,

My digital content team and I have been working hard over the summer to bring you the first Bioenergetic Health Practitioner Master Class Series, now available for download, with an early bird discount ($100 off) through Sept.17th!

As a Master Coach since 2013 and a private practitioner in the field of bioenergetics for over 14 years, my passion and forte is practical application for optimizing client results. The quality and depth of content in this series synthesizes many years of  training and client application to help you fast-track your own expertise and confidence to transform your practice!

This Digital Master Class series, recorded with a live audience, includes over 15 hours of videos covering 5 focused-topic, immersive presentations and Q&A sessions. It provides you with a vast array of practical tools for interpreting scans, mastering advanced protocols, getting immediate results with the miHealth device and much more!

See what Practitioners are saying about this Master Class Series Read Testimonials >

Enjoy this digital content at your convenience when you purchase the master class series.

Please keep this investment for yourself and honor the copyright of it’s content by not sharing it. Coaching and training is a huge part of how I make my living and this event has required a lot of money and time to bring together.

5 Powerful and Focused Topics

Topics Include:

Digital Package Includes:

I have had the opportunity to meet many of you along the way in Bioenergetic Training. I would like to continue helping you to grow your expertise and your Bioenergetic Health practice.

In health and happiness,


Please email for additional information or questions. 

11 reviews for Bioenergetic Health Practitioner – Master Class Series with Debbie Hart

  1. Bobbie Barbrey

    “This webinar series with Debbie Hart was fascinating! It was so informative and useful to take your practice to a new level of understanding. The nuances of NES begin to start connecting as you hear Debbie break it down through the many pearls you will get by listening to this program. I promise that you will have an entirely new understanding of NES after you finish. Thank you Debbie!”

    ~Bobbie Barbrey, NES Practitioner

  2. Carol Wilson

    “This webinar training series was transformational for my practice. Debbie presents the information in a very organized, logical, thorough, and practical fashion. Training is her forte, and her knowledge of NES is deep. It is a privilege to learn from someone with such vast experience — I learned a lot and came away with some practical tips and more confidence in my practice.”

    ~Carol Wilson, NES Practitioner

  3. Jane Van Asten

    “It was well worth the cost and you did an AWESOME job. The sessions were very interesting, and I would not hesitate to suggest the class to others. Keep up the good work!”

    ~Jane Van Asten, NES Practitioner

  4. Ellen Friedman

    “I have learned many practical tips and techniques from the webinar, especially during the live scan and MiHealth sessions. There is great, detailed guidance on managing detoxification reactions and using the infoceuticals and MiHealth outside the scan.”

    ~Ellen Friedman, NES Practitioner

  5. Lorrie Quinn

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the NES webinar series. All the time, effort, knowledge and passion that you gave is greatly appreciated. You presented the material and answered the questions in a very understandable and encouraging way that helped to instill a renewed sense of confidence in working with clients. I look forward to future webinars and continued growth with NES. Thank you.”

    ~Lorrie Quinn, NES Practitioner

  6. Vivienne Spanopoulas

    “Debbie’s Webinar is jam-packed with information and presented in the most clear, structured and progressive way. Her knowledge is extensive, whether about TWS, reading scans, Infoceuticals or working with the miHealth. She has in-depth knowledge of all of it. She is very generous with her time and answers a multitude of questions. There are presentations on set topics, videos of consultations & using the miHealth, Q&A’s and scan reviews. Of all the presenters I’ve heard describing the NES system Debbie is the best!

    ~Vivienne Spanopoulas, NES Practitioner

  7. Jinji Dissanayake

    “I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt so much. I gained more confidence applying the practical knowledge which is allowing me to further my practise in a way that’s comfortable for me and so rewarding. Sharing information in a course like this where one person’s question becomes another’s inspiration is so wonderful. My heartfelt thanks for sharing your knowledge in a caring and open manner, Debbie!”

    ~Jinji Dissanayake, NES Practitioner

  8. Daissy-Farias Koch

    “It was a great experience to work with Debbie Hart, she had great knowledge to share and guide you through the process of a deeper understanding, integration and feeling more confident in using the NES Bio-Energetic System and the miHealth device. I highly recommend her webinar series. Her passion for teaching, big heart and amazing giving make this webinar series very special.”

    Daissy-Farias Koch, NES Practitioner

  9. Ellen Bowden

    I know this course has helped me have a new level of confidence and trust in the system. The case studies were so helpful as it made me more aware of really connecting the symptoms with the scan results to show the client. Choosing 3 symptoms to focus on was key for me to put into my practice.

    Using the miHealth and Feel Goods outside the scan has given me more confidence in my practice. I really liked the live, on body work you did. Visual is key for me. Loved the Q&A sessions and I loved that you don’t seem the least bit annoyed with repetitive questions or questions that should seem obvious. Thank you for that. I know there is so much more that I will incorporate into my practice as I have the opportunity to go back and listen and review my notes and I appreciate that we can do this. You give an enormous amount of information, which is terrific. Hearing all this information over and over helps me to integrate it much easier. I never get tired of repetition. Looking forward to more in the future, thank you Debbie.”

    ~Ellen Bowden, NES Practitioner

  10. Bonnie Chan

    “I highly recommend this webinar series for NES practitioners—from those who are just starting out to long-time practitioners who would like to improve their skills & confidence in NES. Debbie Hart covers the integration & application of NES principles & practices in depth & breadth. Debbie has been a Master Coach with NES and many students have benefited tremendously from her knowledge, wisdom, patience, & practical advice. She covers a wide range of topics in her webinar series, including ways of being more flexible with the Recommendations Screen, i.e., working with other infoceuticals that are not included in the Recommendations. She offers case studies that allow practitioners access to her thought processes of how & why she may use certain approaches with individual clients. Her dedicated Question & Answer (Q&A) sessions give participants opportunities to find answers to their multiple questions (& there are many!). Through it all, Debbie has shown patience, dedication & creativity in helping each of us find & improve our confidence in our NES practice. This webinar series is worth your time, & energy, & money!

    ~Bonnie Chan, NES Practitioner

  11. Sharron Dugan

    “Debbie, I loved each scan you evaluated and appreciated your time invested in all of us. I feel your eyes for how to support the person where areas are showing they are strong enough to support were a really positive approach to why we do the scan.

    I learned that we don’t have to worry at all with what is physically wrong with someone and that approaching them with a powerful NES energetic plan to include the Infos and miHealth and all the considerations we covered can help support true transformations in people’s lives.

    I loved the way you went in and out of different areas of the scans and just made it all come alive. I really have so much more confidence in safely offering my services. I am excited that I have all the tools and reasoning skills that you modeled in the sessions and making them available for purchase will give me more time to digest it all.

    I always looked forward to the classes because you were relaxed and all the information flowed with clarity and profound recall with any topic. I especially enjoyed learning how to effectively use the miHealth. In taking my scan as a test case for my sinuses you responded to my questions and sent many emails describing how to use the miHealth and other relaxation methods that you have on your YouTube site as well as offering help with my follow up scan. I am looking forward to taking advantage of your coaching training as I proceed with future scans for clients and myself.

    ~Sharron Dugan, NES Practitioner

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