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Section 1 of 2: Resonance Health PMA Contract 

(A Private Membership Association)

Preamble “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”    Margaret Mead.

Resonance Health PMA, the Private Membership Association (hereinafter the “PMA”), intends to build communities that are well groundedin love, family values, sharing, respect for people and nature and sustainable practices that promote good mental, physical and spiritual health.

The benefits of membership include access to all information available to the PMA concerning the maintenance and improvement of health and the environment, some of which are in the purview of ancient or traditional healing or medicine or are “common knowledge”; some of which are considered to be alternative, complementary or that are new emerging technologies that may not yet be submitted to, approved or cleared by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug
Administration or any similar local, municipal, county, state or other federal administrative agency (collectively referred to herein as “the FDA”) and some that some government authorities may claim that they require a “licensed person” to administer.

In order to protect all PMA members, as well as the discoverers, farmers, inventors, manufacturers, distributors, educators and providers of any device, product, procedure or service that can be used for the mental or physical wellness of any animal, man, woman or child from any adverse action by the FDA or any other regulatory or licensing agency, in exchange for the benefits offered by the PMA, all members agree and consent to the terms and conditions set forth in this contract.

Every member joins as a real, breathing, flesh and blood, living, sentient man or woman, Citizen of Colorado or any other state of The United States of America and, thereby, an American Citizen acting in their natural and highest character, capacity, standing and status (hereinafter “status”), outside all commercial and political affiliations; fully equal to all other men and women acting in the highest status that any man or woman holds. Predicated on the above and in order to protect each PMA members’ privacy and the unconstitutional and unwarranted application of public policy into the PMA, each member consents to take upon themselves
the responsibility for their own health (and the health of those dependent upon them) and in so doing consents to do due diligence regarding anything offered to them by the PMA or by any PMA member and to make fully informed decisions on health and healthcare matters that the member, individually or collectively, think best for living a healthy life and preventing,
diagnosing and treating any form of discomfort, pain, deformity, disability, disease, illness in or wound to any member’s body, mind or spirit in order to attain or restore and maintain optimum physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

Notice: Please read this contract carefully and entirely and make sure that you fully understand it. If you are unable to read or understand English, please have someone that you trust read or translate and explain this contract to you fully.

Articles of the PMA
Article I.
1.1. The intent of the PMA is to lawfully, peacefully and privately provide all members of the PMA with all available ancient, traditional, natural or newly developed data, facts, information, knowledge and research about any and all time-honored and newly discovered or developed devices, products, procedures and services regarding infant, child, adult and elder care that may be used to assess, strengthen, maintain, improve or recover mental and physical health; to eliminate, relieve or control pain and
suffering; to prolong life; to make life more comfortable at its end or that can be used in any way whatsoever for improving the mental, spiritual and physical health or wellness care for people and animals.
Article II.
2.1 The purpose of the PMA is to provide the means whereby the members can privately gain access to and lawfully obtain by lease, rent, purchase or get the free use of any device, product, procedure or service that may not yet be submitted to, approved or cleared by the FDA for distribution to the regulated public or that may be prohibited for sale or use by the public and to be able to privately perform and engage in the use of such devices,products, procedures and services among, by and on ourselves or with eachother using any and all treatment modalities and therapies without any governmental approval, clearance, license, permission, permit or regulation.
2.1 The people that willingly enter this private contract and become a proper party thereto, their biological, adopted and foster children and any other people or persons lawfully in their care or custody (hereinafter collectively referred to as “members”) hereby associate under the name Resonance Health PMA and unanimously agree and declare that the main purpose in joining the PMA is to seek, obtain and perform for and by the members ourselves all types of healthcare treatment modalities and therapies, and to make health care decisions that members think best for preventing, diagnosing and treating any disease or illness of any member’s body, mind or spirit and for achieving and maintaining optimum physical, mental and spiritual wellness.
Article III.
3.1 The name of this PMA is: Resonance Health PMA
Article IV.
Governing law

4.1      This is not a religiously oriented association. However, in order to achieve compliance with full common-law as specified herein, the root of common-law being the principles of right and wrong ordained by God as set forth in His Word, The Bible are applicable hereto.

4.2      The governing law of the PMA shall be the common-law of England from Magna Carta, 1215, CE, through the English Bill of Rights, 1689, CE; The Law of Nations, 1758, CE, by Emer (Emmerich) de Vattel; the Declaration of Independence, 1776, CE; the unincorporated Constitution for the United States of America, 1789, CE, as amended and ratified by passage of the first 10 Amendments, generally referred to as The Bill of Rights, 1791, CE (referred to herein collectively as “the federal Constitution”) and the laws made in pursuance thereof; the organic Constitution for Florida, 1838, CE, as lawfully amended, (hereinafter referred to as “the state Constitution”), and the laws made in pursuance thereof; the organic Constitution for Colorado and any state in which any member lives and the laws made in pursuance thereof; and, if necessary, the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948, CE, are hereby adopted as the PMA’s operative law. All PMA members agree that in addition to asserting and standing upon their unalienable liberties and perfect rights, whether expressly enumerated or incorporated in their state’s constitution and the laws made in pursuance thereof, they shall assert and stand upon no less than the rights enumerated or included in the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Ninth and Tenth Articles in Amendment to the federal Constitution and the laws of the United States made in pursuance thereof regarding their healthcare; which secures to each and every PMA member the unalienable rights to absolute control over their own bodies, freedom of association, freedom of speech, the press, liberty of independent action, and the right to peacefully assemble for the purpose of helping one another.
4.3 All PMA members unanimously agree to assert and stand upon their absolute freedom of choice in healthcare treatments and the modalities thereof at all times while dealing privately/individually with other PMA members within the operation of the PMA on matters that are or could be considered generally to be within the scope and purview of the PMA.
Article V.
Waiver of privileges
5.1 All PMA members agree that they have not, do not, and will not depend or rely upon any governmental authority1 for determination of the efficacy, safety, lawfulness or legality of any form of healthcare treatment suggested, offered or provided by any other member.
5.2 Each PMA member agrees that they recognize and will exercise the duty and obligation to use due care and to do due diligence regarding any form of healthcare treatment discussed with or suggested by any other member before beginning any such treatment.
5.3 All PMA members hereby specifically release and hold harmless from any and all liability any governmental authority2 for any act or omission made by another member including, but not limited to, all medical doctors, chiropractors and any other “licensed” medical care provider or practitioner, licensing administrative agencies or boards and all equivalent or similar
agencies to The United Nations’ (hereinafter referred to as the “UN”) World Health Organization; the FDA; the National Institute of Health; Medicare; Medicaid; and protective laws including, but not limited to, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Pub.L. 111-148, 124 Stat. 119.
5.4 All PMA members specifically waive all protections offered by the Medical Practices Acts of the fifty independent states, as amended; the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, as amended; the Food Safety Modernization Act, as amended; the Electronic Product Radiation Control Act, as amended; the Food And Agriculture Organization of The United Nations’
World Health Organization’s Codex Alimentarius, as amended, and any and all similar local, municipal, city, county, state, federal or international legislation or efforts purporting to statutorily control, halt or regulate healthcare practitioners, treatment modalities or procedures, the sale of any health care products or food.
5.5 Every PMA member hereby specifically holds harmless and releases from any liability each and every local, municipal, county, state, federal and international court or judge from adjudicating any matter arising from participation in this PMA for any act or omission (except for an act or omission creating a “clear and present danger of substantive evil”) made by any member and no member shall grant any judge of any court in The United States of America, or any international court, personal jurisdiction over
such member while acting within or who has acted within the scope and purview of this PMA.
5.6 All PMA members hereby specifically agree that as long as each and every one of the above-referenced governmental authorities, courts and the administrative/judicial officers thereof leaves each and every PMA member alone that all PMA members will waive the rights to either institute or become a proper party to any law suit or civil action against, or request criminal prosecution3 for the deprivation of rights (under color of law) for any of the above stated persons’ or entities’ attempt to deprive any member of his/ her rights included or referred to herein.
5.7 In order to provide remedy for the above waived rights, all PMA members shall have the right to, first from within the PMA, select a panel of members to serve as arbitrators to hear any grievance from one member against either the PMA or another member. The panel shall consist of a minimum of five members, two selected by the aggrieved party and two selected by the PMA or the accused party. The fifth member shall be the Director of the PMA unless the PMA itself is the accused. In any case that
the PMA itself is the accused, the fifth member may be any other PMA member who is not an injured or aggrieved party to the issue and who is agreeable to both the aggrieved party and the accused.
5.8 In the event that an internal arbitration is unsuccessful, all parties agree seeking a form of binding arbitration from a source outside the PMA before taking any action in any court. This arbitration can be conducted by the American Arbitration PMA or by any other recognized arbitration PMA or society that has established by their record that they deal fairly with all
Article VI.
Type of Association
6.1 The PMA is a fully informed voluntary meeting of the minds of free people acting in their natural, real, sovereign status4 associating together pursuant to principles and specific provisions, terms and conditions set forth
in this private contract.
6.2 Resonance Health PMA is not a public or statutory association, business, corporation, foundation, limited liability company, limited or general partnership, trust, or collective entity of any kind whatsoever created by or under any governmental authority.
6.2 No PMA member accepts any liability for any acts or omissions committed by either the PMA or by any other PMA member.
6.3 Membership in the PMA does not convey any right, title or interest in the PMA or to any asset or property acquired or owned by the PMA.
6.4 PMA members may, at the sole discretion of the Director, vote for a replacement for the Director should the Director retire, become incapacitated or die; vote for associate directors or on rules and regulations proposed by the Director or any associate director for the benefit of the PMA.
Article VII.
Benefits of membership
7.1 The PMA publicly offers only membership.
7.2 Membership includes access to all information, educational materials, presentations and training in the use of any device, product, procedure or service offered by any PMA member; how they are complementary with most alternative, conventional, holistic, natural and comprehensive healthcare services, modalities and procedures and other healthcare equipment
including, but not limited to, everything from the most ancient but effective treatments, through the most modern advanced methods and technologies used to diagnose any disease or illness effecting any member and to provide all members the most effective means of affordable treatment; the sale of educational materials and products which may present alternates to
conventional medical procedures; and, the sale of products which are alternatives to pharmaceutical company medications (including, but not limited to, devices which generate or use color, electricity, light, magnetic energy stimulation, vibration, or sound stimulation and devices such as low-power lasers and SCENARS; air and water purifiers and treatment equipment, ozone generators, vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, phytonutrients, nano technology and whole or raw foods etc.
7.3 Every PMA member shall be entitled to unlimited access to the PMA’s library, materials and private area of the website and to the advice and counsel of each and every other PMA member on any topic of health or
wellness care.
7.4 Every PMA member is encouraged to publish, tweet or otherwise let all other PMA members know about their individual successes or failures while undergoing any particular treatment regarding the relief of any discomfort, pain, disease or illness.
7.5 PMA members may charge any other member for any service or
product that they provide.
Article VIII.
Membership consideration
8.1 The PMA is open to every Citizen of all fifty (50) freely associated compact States comprising The United States of America; and to residents and foreigners, that is, to any man or woman of lawful age who is competent to enter any lawfully binding contract and, through them, their family members and persons lawfully in their care, custody or under their control.
8.2 Membership is not offered or open to any person performing any investigative activity or function; engaged in any regulatory association, board, or activity; engaged in any law enforcement activity, or acting in any official or quasi-official character or capacity whatsoever for any governmental authority.
8.3 All PMA members are equal. There is no, and shall never be any public “Doctor-Patient” or “Therapist-Client” relationship among PMA members. When dealing within the PMA or with PMA members individually all members waive the right to protections offered public health-care recipients’ by governmental authorities.
8.4 A list of all current PMA members shall be kept confidential by the Director.
Article IX.
9.1 Consideration for membership is Twenty-one (21.00) Dollars, United States silver coin, real money of The United States of America.5 The 21 Dollars shall constitute the entire cost to any man or woman. Each membership includes all family members and persons in their care or custody.
9.2 The form of money accepted or the stated amount may be modified or waived by the Director or any Associate Director when requested by a prospective member and deemed to be in the best interests of any applicant; however, in any event, all members agree that the membership benefits offered and received by any member are worth far in excess of twenty-one (21.00) Dollars, silver coin, real money of The United States of America.
Article X.
10.1 The PMA initially shall operate by and through the Director. The founder shall serve as the first Director. The founder and first Director’s name of Resonance Health PMA is Deborah Kay Hart.
10.2 The PMA shall thereafter operate by and through the Director, and as determined or deemed needed by the Director, one or more associate directors who may be appointed, elected or hired by the Director or by a majority vote of the current members held at the discretion of the Director. Associate directors may be assigned one or more specific duties and become a spokesman or spokeswoman for the PMA for all or certain matters.
10.3 All records maintained by the PMA, especially regarding any members’ mental, physical or spiritual condition or health are, shall at all times be, and will always remain the private property of the PMA regardless of which member authored, created or maintains custody of such record or where such record is archived/stored; any such record is protected under, at the minimum, Amendment IV to the federal Constitution.
10.4 The PMA may develop rules and regulations deemed necessary by the Director which may be amended from time to time by the Director or a majority vote of all current members held at the sole discretion of the Director.
Article XI.
11.1 The PMA’s customary and primary place of operation shall be: P.O. Box 676, Larkspur, Colorado 80118.Article XII.
Money, Banking, Taxes and Fees
12.1 Although the Director and most PMA members object to the current paper “fiat currency” of The United States, for fraud (regardless of the fact that the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE is declared to be “legal tender”), under the “doctrine of necessity” the PMA may open a bank/brokerage account if deemed necessary.
12.2 The Director shall be the sole signatory on any financial account maintained by the PMA. The Director may delegate this authority to any associate director.
12.3 The Director shall timely and legally dispute or pay any lawful tax assessment levied upon the PMA by any governmental authority.
12.4 The Director or associate director shall review any licensing law, regulation or rule which may be claimed to be applicable to the PMA’s affairs and determine if any license is, in fact, required for the PMA’s lawful operation in the venue in which it is located.
Article XIII.
13.1 The PMA will automatically terminate upon the death of the Director, the Director’s heir(s) or on the death of the last remaining member; or may terminate voluntarily upon the unanimous vote of the current Director and all current members. Upon voluntary termination all assets of the PMA become the private property of Deborah Kay Hart, her heirs or estate.
Article XIV.
Contract Additions and Changes
14.1 Additions and modifications to the original contract must be in writing, dated and signed by a director. All sections of the original contract not made moot or void pursuant to an addition or modification shall remain in full force and effect; all additions or amendments made hereto shall more fully express the original intent, purpose and will of the Founder and Director and add
clarity to the operation of the PMA.
14.2 All members of the original PMA contract are continued, automatically, as members under any additional provisions or amendments to this contract.
Article XV.
Force Majeure
15.1 Every PMA member specifically holds harmless and releases each and every local, municipal, city, county, state, federal and international judge or court from any and all liability arising from any act or omission (except an act or omission creating a “clear and present danger of substantive evil”) which could be considered to be an “act of God” or otherwise “beyond the control” of the members of the PMA regarding any matter arising from a member’s participation in this PMA.
15.2 Conversely, any unlawful or illegal interference or acts or omissions of any kind whatsoever, by any person acting or claiming to act under color of law (not actual, constitutional, apparent, perceived or presumed governmental authority) may be prosecuted, civilly and criminally, to the fullest extent of the law in the appropriate court.
Article XVI.
Construction and Interpretation
16.1 The definition of all words used in this contract, unless specifically defined herein, are as used in conversational English in use in the year 2018 in The United States of America. No legal terms, phrases or definitions are used herein nor shall legal terms, phrases or definitions be used at any time in the future in order to give this contract a different intent or meaning than that which was intended and given by the author of this contract at the time of this document’s writing.
Article XVII.
Sever ability
17.1 Each numbered paragraph and all provisions, terms, or conditions of this contract are severable. In the event that any jury of a competent common-law court of proper venue finds any provision(s), term(s), condition(s), unlawful, illegal, or void as a matter of law or unenforceable for any lawful reason, that/those provisions, terms, and conditions shall be deemed excised from this contract and this contract and all remaining provisions, terms, and conditions shall remain in full force and effect.
Article XVIII.
Final Claim
18.1. The administration of this contract and PMA hereby created is generally beyond the authority and powers granted to the United States by the founders of The United States of America and is protected by no less than Article I section 10 and Articles in Amendment One, Four, Five, Nine and Ten of the federal Constitution and the laws of The United States of America
made in pursuance thereof.
Article XIX.
Joining and terminating membership in the PMA
19.1 Becoming a member of the PMA is easy. Simply order any device, product, procedure or service from the PMA and you automatically become a member of the PMA.
19.2 Since we have made it as easy as possible to join the PMA, termination of membership necessitates a text message, an email, postcard or letter sent by United States mail to the location set forth above indicating that you no longer want be a member of the PMA.
Article XX.
Guarantees and warranties
20.1 The PMA does not guarantee or warranty anything. The manufacturers of any device, product and the providers of any procedure or service may offer a guarantee or a warranty. Such guarantees or warranties are the sole obligations of the people or companies providing such device, product, procedure or service.
Article XXI.
Entire Contract
21.1 The above stated constitutes all the conditions, terms, and provisions creating and governing the operation of the PMA. No oral recitations or promises made by any man, woman, or person shall have any force of law or legal binding effect on the PMA or on any member thereof when acting within the scope or purview of the PMA. The PMA is hereby created by the Director subscribing his signature below, by his own hand, and by the people identified as associate directors and the Charter Members subscribing their signatures below, by their own hands, on this 1st day of January, 2018.

Parties creating this PMA:

Director: Debbie Hart     

Assistant Director: John-Philip   


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